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Art de vivre

Bread and cheese: the happiest of food partnerships

In France there are more varieties of cheese than there are days of the year. Mild or strong, creamy or dry, young or mature, each has its own unique character - just like our breads!
One PAUL, one history

Place de Strasbourg – the very first PAUL!

18th September 2021 is Heritage Day, and we couldn’t think of a better occasion to share the history of the very first PAUL.
Art de vivre

The fougasse

In the heart of summer, we all crave sun, cicadas and Mediterranean flavours.
Art de vivre

PAUL: Born in Lille, and proud of it!

Tarte au sucre (sugar tart)? Pain Platine? (white bread)? Have you ever wondered about the origin of these recipes, popularized throughout France - and beyond - by PAUL?
Art de vivre

The palmier - the "heart" of France

A crispy heart? A puff pastry butterfly? Sweet, exotic foliage? An edible maze? The Palmier is the Viennoiserie that melts the heart of gourmands and is also irresistible to the photographers we’ve all become.
Art de vivre

PAUL le café - The coffee shop à la française

With a new address and a brand new kind of store making its debut, PAUL le café at Montparnasse station represents a turning point in the history of PAUL bakeries.
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It’s love at first sight with the éclair

From the ‘choux pastry’ family, I demand . . . the éclair! This delicacy is timeless, and for good reason: it combines two great stars of the French pastry chef’s art: choux pastry of course, but also crème pâtissière - that irresistibly smooth, rich pastry cream.
One PAUL, one history

PAUL "aux Tortues" and its listed façade

While visiting Paris, you may stroll along the Grands Boulevards to admire the windows of the department stores. The perfect opportunity to discover a PAUL unlike any other, in one of the most beautiful parts of the capital.
Art de vivre

Charms – a peculiarly French passion!

Hidden in the heart of soft, delicious frangipane, this little ceramic object is looked forward to with as much excited anticipation as the Galette des Rois itself. Age is irrelevant! Small children, older children, grown-up ‘cheats’, as superstitious as the keenest of collectors, no-one can resist this tiny little pleasure – it’s sooo incredibly French!