At PAUL we are standing up for a healthy and diverse diet, enabling us to live well together.  This is why we are determined to support our commitment to initiatives which are sustainable and responsible.  Discover some of our initiatives and how they are progressing.  


At PAUL we are convinced that eating well is the key to living together well.  Therefore we are wholly committed to encouraging sustainable and responsible initiatives in our business.   Actions speak louder than words.  We know that this is work that needs to be built up over time from a solid foundation, which is why we prefer to talk about progress rather than results.

To achieve this, we have set up a scientific council made up of specialists in the areas of health, nutrition, animal welfare and the environment.  This committee is there to challenge us, always pushing us to go further and make even more progress.

Everyone knows PAUL, but did you know that we make our bread exclusively with French flour?  That we were amongst the first brands to sign up to Too Good to Go?   That 18% of the products we sell are vegan?  That we have been signatories to the National Nutrition Plan (PNNS – the French programme designed to improve the national diet) since 2009, as well as being among the first to replace plastic bags with recyclable paper bags – almost 15 years ago?  

                               We have so many commitments and so much progress to discover  - and to strengthen!    Read on to find out more.  

Health and nutrition

Promoting balanced nutrition

Having a healthy and varied diet is the basis of good nutritional balance. At PAUL, we’re helping you to spot the healthy choices.
Health and nutrition

Develop our vegetarian offer

Increasing the proportion of natural plant products in our meals addresses issues of both nutrition and conservation.
Health and nutrition

Ban artificial colours and flavours

The elimination of additives is a growing preoccupation in our society today, as we search for the most ‘natural’ products possible.

Reducing the impact of our packaging

Closely linked with food products, food packaging must combine respect for food safety with low environmental impact.

Fight food waste

Reducing food waste is a societal, ethical and environmental issue that is growing in importance every day.

Stop the use of palm oil

Palm oil is the subject of a lot of controversy, because of its impact on both health and the environment. 
Areas and suppliers

Selecting French wheat flour to make our bread

The evolution of agricultural production methods is a key to controlling the environmental impact and health security of agricultural foodstuffs.
Areas and suppliers

Promote animal welfare

Animal welfare is integral to our approach in sourcing our products.
Areas and suppliers

Choosing responsibly-sourced coffee

Because a good coffee must be good for everybody, both consumers and producers, PAUL has committed to choosing coffees with the Rain Forest Alliance label.

Facilitate access to work for all

Access to employment is vital for individual development and integration into society.

Supporting food aid and other community action

For PAUL, food is a major contributor to living well together, and it’s the reason why we are committed to food aid organisations, as well as to helping the sick.