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It’s love at first sight with the éclair

From the ‘choux pastry’ family, I demand . . . the éclair! This delicacy is timeless, and for good reason: it combines two great stars of the French pastry chef’s art: choux pastry of course, but also crème pâtissière - that irresistibly smooth, rich pastry cream.
One PAUL, one history

PAUL "aux Tortues" and its listed façade

While visiting Paris, you may stroll along the Grands Boulevards to admire the windows of the department stores. The perfect opportunity to discover a PAUL unlike any other, in one of the most beautiful parts of the capital.
Art de vivre

Charms – a peculiarly French passion!

Hidden in the heart of soft, delicious frangipane, this little ceramic object is looked forward to with as much excited anticipation as the Galette des Rois itself. Age is irrelevant! Small children, older children, grown-up ‘cheats’, as superstitious as the keenest of collectors, no-one can resist this tiny little pleasure – it’s sooo incredibly French!
Art de vivre

The opening of our 15th PAUL le Café Coffee Shop

After opening in Libreville (Gabon) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) at the end of 2021, we kick off January 2022 for PAUL le Café with the launch of our fifteenth store at the L’Aire des Volcans d’Auvergne rest stop on the A71, in the heart of the volcanic region of the Auvergne, famous for its magnificient views of extinct volcanoes. Proof (if it were required) that in the heart of France - and at the end of the world – our French cakes and pastries are truly the best friends of good cafés. And vice versa!
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From Mannele to Petit PAUL – a funny little brioche man!

From the traditional Feast of St. Nicholas to the favourite snack of well-behaved children everywhere, discover the gourmet adventures of this funny little brioche man who is such a pleasure to eat!
Social responsibility

Record: a million meals saved at PAUL thanks to TOO GOOD TO GO

PAUL is a long-time partner of this App that helps to reduce food waste by offering fresh but unsold products at attractively modest prices. In January 2022, we hit the symbolic milestone of one million meals saved at PAUL, confirming that our network is the leading partner of Too Good to Go in the bakery/patisserie sector. It represents a great step forward in our ongoing mission to improve our environmental responsibility, and it’s also a reflection of the hard work of our teams.
One PAUL, one history

Do you know Paul Chocarne-Moreau?

What could the relationship be between this French painter of the Belle Époque period and the family bakery Maison PAUL? Apart from sharing his timeless first name that is… Well…. beautiful paintings, and the ‘look’ seen in the uniforms of our teams!
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A Passion for Macarons

They’re round, they’re cute, they’re colourful and they’re quite remarkably tasty. Discover the story of an emblematic PAUL pâtisserie that turns the heads of gourmets all over the world
One PAUL, one history

From Italian trattoria to Parisian tea room, the bella storia of PAUL at l’avenue Franklin Roosevelt

A few steps away from the Champs-Elysees and l’Avenue Matignon, in the very heart of chic, touristy Paris, you will find a PAUL unlike any other, with some surprising and unique elements. Welcome to a Parisian PAUL with authentically Italian roots!