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PAUL increases its commitment to animal welfare

20 September 2021
PAUL increases its commitment to animal welfare


For more than a year now we have been gradually converting our egg supplies, and we are committed to ending the use of eggs and egg products from cage-reared birds completely by 2025 at the latest.   We’re pleased to say that the eggs in your omelettes and the hard-boiled eggs in your sandwiches already meet this requirement.  As do those used in the creation of your favourite mini macarons.

Today, we are further consolidating this action by committing, by 2026, to sourcing our chicken meat solely from suppliers who adhere to the criteria laid down by the Better Chicken Commitment consortium.   This will apply to all of our shops in the EU.

These criteria, established by 30 international NGOs, enforce the breeding standards required for the welfare of the chickens.  These include: sufficient surface area available, slow-growing breeding stock, natural light, perches and access to free roaming outside, or indoors for some farms. 

PAUL’s commitment will help to create the conditions to drive change throughout the breeding sector, in conjunction with the breeders and producers themselves, who need both time and visibility to put all the necessary changes in place.   PAUL is also committed to buying French chicken.