Stopping the use of palm oil

Stopping the use of palm oil

Our belief

Palm oil is the subject of a lot of controversy, because of its impact on both health and the environment.  In terms of health, some point to its high saturated fatty acid content and the fact that it has a higher impact on cholesterol than other vegetable oils such as olive oil, which is richer in unsaturated fatty acids. 

On the environmental side, palm oil cultivation is a major cause of deforestation, leading to an irreversible impact on biodiversity in general, and certain endangered species of monkeys in particular. 

We may not be doctors or environmentalists, but the evidence tells us we must abstain from palm oil use!


Our initiatives

 Rework all of our recipes that could have contained palm or palm kernel oil

  • Impose the same standards on our suppliers, by making it clear in all our supplier specifications that we refuse to accept any products containing palm or palm kernel oil
  • Do not replace palm oil with partially hydrogenated fats

Our goal

  • ZERO palm or palm kernel oil

Our progress

  • Our goal of ZERO palm oil has been achieved!
  • A product that symbolizes this approach, our chocolate-hazelnut spread, is palm oil-free