Reduce the impact of our packaging


Our belief

Closely linked with food products, food packaging must combine respect for food safety with low environmental impact. In order to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging, we limit its use to what is strictly necessary, and promote designs based on sustainable resources, compatible with end-of-life recycling.

Our initiatives

  • Reduce the volume of packaging delivered to consumers
  • Promote the use of consumer packaging manufactured from renewable resources
  • Limit the use of plastic packaging
  • Promote and market reusable packaging
  • Put in place solutions for sorting waste in store – for example separating waste such as paper, plastic or organic waste

Our goals

  • All consumer packaging to be 100% paper/cardboard
  • Manufacture our paper packaging exclusively from sustainable sources by 2026

Our progress

  • 88% of our consumer packaging, by weight, is now made from paper/cardboard
  • 66% of our paper/cardboard packaging is labeled FSC or PEFC (Forest Stewardship Council and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
  • Our bags are made with unbleached kraft paper, printed with water-based inks
  • We have removed all plastic straws from our business
  • All our disposable cutlery, such as the stirrers for your take-away coffee, are made from wood
  • We have developed a collection of reusable packaging and products: shopping bags; foldable canvas bags; a washable cutlery set (made from 75% recycled wheat straw) as well as pretty reusable glass mugs for your favourite latte