Promoting balanced nutrition

Our belief

Having a healthy and varied diet is the basis of good nutritional balance. Everyone knows that it is advisable, for the sake of our health, to limit our consumption of sugars or fatty ingredients. This is a real challenge for a ‘maison’ that’s famous for its sweet gourmet products! And yet . . . nutritional balance is at the heart of our product development. PAUL was, notably, one of the first 10 French businesses to sign up to PNSS (the National Nutrition and Health Programme). We have incorporated the nutritional recommendations of the programme, without compromising the quality or flavour of our products. All of our product ingredients are listed on our website with total transparency, enabling our customers to identify products with particular nutritional qualities.

Our initiatives

  • Reduce the fat content of sandwiches
  • Promote the use of rapeseed, walnut and olive oils
  • Reduce the salt content of bread
  • Promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Ensure transparency of nutritional information
  • Highlight products with particular nutritional benefits (wholewheat bread, fruit salads…)
  • Offer vegetarian and vegan products


Our goals

  • To have a permanent vegan offer available
  • To develop clear information for our customers to highlight the products in our range which provide the best nutritional balance

Our progress

  • We created the BIEN MANGER (Eat Well) label, represented by a small blue apple, by relating the Nutriscore score to the size of the portion served to you. In order to qualify for the BIEN MANGER label, a product must meet two criteria:

             o   Obtain a Nutri-Score of A or B (the only criterion used for bread)

             o   Have a calorific value of fewer than 500K calories for sandwiches or salads, or fewer than 300K calories for sweet products.


  • 100% of the nutritional information about all of our products is available on the product sheets on our website
  • The flours used in our breads are all classified as at least T65, meaning that they have a higher fiber content than ‘white bread’.
  • 18% of the products in our permanent range are vegan – made without meat, fish, eggs or dairy products