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Pink October 2022

10 January 2023
Pink October 2022

Thank you for your mobilization during Pink October!

For several years now, the PAUL community has been committed to Pink October by supporting associations that fight against breast cancer, whether they are dedicated to research, prevention or support for women affected by the disease. And once again this year, it was a success! Thanks to the mobilization of our teams in a dozen countries, including France, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Japan, Cyprus, and Canada, we raised more than €60,000, with each country donating the fruit of its local initiatives to a local association of its choice.

Pink products at the forefront of our commitment

Throughout this period, our raspberry macaroon was the symbol of this commitment to solidarity, particularly in France where the operation was renewed for the third year... But each country was able to demonstrate its creativity, sometimes by launching pastries or even salads in the colors of the operation. The prize for creativity went to the Middle East teams (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt in particular), which had set up a complete collection of pastries and dishes for the benefit of Pink October.

In France, 3rd year of action in favor of Mon Bonnet RoseIn 2020 and 2021, PAUL raised more than 70,000 euros to support the Mon bonnet rose association. In 2022, and once again this year thanks to the generosity of our customers, 44,096 raspberry macaroons were sold in France, representing a donation of €44,096,000 for the association, to the great pride of our teams, who are delighted to provide this ongoing support to women fighting the disease.