Facilitate access to work for all

Our belief

Access to employment is vital for individual development and integration into society.  At PAUL we want to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible, by fighting against discrimination in recruitment, and by promoting professional mobility for all.

Our initiatives

  • Facilitate the recruitment of people with disabilities
  • Promote diversity in the workplace
  • Promote professional mobility/development within the company
  • Open up the business to young people through apprenticeships, internships and partnerships with training colleges
  • Develop certified training courses (in Bakery and Pâtisserie)

Our goals

  • By 2024, 6% of our workforce to be people with disabilities
  • Renew our diversity charter in 2021
  • Encourage employees to participate in our company training programmes
  • Enable 100 employees in France to obtain a diploma by 2022

Our progress

  • 38 different nationalities represented amongst our partners
  • 65% of our permanent employees are under the age of 26
  • Since the implementation of our training programme in France, 82 employees have already obtained a CQP or CAP qualification
  • Paul supports the publication of "Mimi et ses roulettes", a comic book created by a former sales assistant suddenly confronted with a handicap. It's a work to discover and understand.