Develop our vegetarian offer

Our belief

Increasing the proportion of natural plant products in our meals addresses issues of both nutrition and conservation. Moreover, people are becoming more flexitarian without realizing it – for example eating one or two meals without meat per week. At PAUL we are committed to offering these alternatives to all our customers. That’s why, in addition to the vegetarian products we have always had available (such as the Sesame-Camembert or Tomato-Mozzarella sandwich), we are gradually strengthening our range of vegan products, like the Turmeric-Falafel sandwich.


  • Vegetarian products are products without meat or fish, but may contain eggs, dairy products or honey
  • Vegan products are products without any ingredients of animal origin – including eggs and dairy products. This makes them particularly interesting products for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • Flexitarians reduce their consumption of meat without becoming vegetarians

Our initiatives

  • Clearly identifying vegetarian and vegan products on our in-store labels, our restaurant menus and our websites
  • Not using pork or beef gelatine in our recipes
  • Always including one or more veggie products every time we refresh our product range

Our goals

  • To increase the proportion of vegetarian and vegan products in our savoury ranges (sandwiches, salads…)
  • To promote sources of vegetable protein such as lentils, for example
  • To be able to offer a vegan menu in our product ranges, all year round

Our progress

  • 61% vegetarian products available in both the ‘must have’ and ‘optional’ ranges
  • 18% vegan products available in both the ‘must have’ and ‘optional’ ranges
  • PAUL has partnered with the VégOresto association in France and committed to offering a 100% vegan take-away option at most of our points of sale. This has been achieved thanks to new recipes such as the Turmeric-Falafel sandwich and a delicious chocolate mousse made without eggs or milk
  • PAUL has taken part in the Veganuary Challenge since 2023, a global challenge aimed at promoting plant-based eating through innovative recipes and offering vegan menu items.  In 2023, PAUL offered a vegan and palm oil-free croissant.  

  • No pork or beef gelatin in any of our products