Choosing responsibly-sourced coffee

Our belief

Certifying the quality and provenance of our coffees reflects our commitment to ensuring that a good coffee is good for everybody, from field to cup.  It’s why we favour supply chains that adhere to recognised good practice in agriculture.

Our initiatives

  • To promote coffee from sustainable sources
  • Gradually to extend this approach to the sourcing of tea and chocolate

Our goals

  • To achieve 100% of teas, chocolates and coffee coming from fair trade sources by 2025

Our progress 

  • The coffee served in our PAUL le café network has been fair trade certified (Rain Forest Alliance) since 2020
  • Since 2023 all the coffee served at both PAUL and PAUL le café has been Rain Forest Alliance certified (with the exception for now of the decaffeinated variety, but we’re working on it)
  • All our coffees are roasted in France

You may be wondering what’s behind this Rain Forest Alliance label.  This certification means that the coffee has been produced using sustainable methods, from both a social and an environmental point of view.  In practice, Rainforest Alliance intervenes to protect forests and biodiversity, to promote sustainable agricultural methods and to improve the situation and rights of the farmers.  

This label is represented by a little green frog.  So why a frog?  Frogs are bio-indicators: a healthy frog population indicates that its environment is also healthy.  Today, the little frog label has become an international symbol of sustainability.  And we are proud to contribute to this programme.