Supporting patient aid associations

Supporting patient aid associations

Our belief

Food is a source of pleasure and a major contributor to our ability to live well together.  But what happens when we’re sick?  When the pleasure of eating fades?  When sharing convivial moments around food is more difficult?


Our initiatives

  • Set up product-sharing operations for the benefit of associations that support patients
  • Contribute to happy sharing moments in the hospital environment. Traditionally this has benefited sick children, but in 2020-2021 this was expanded to include healthcare workers themselves, battling extraordinarily difficult challenges during the COVID crisis

Our goal

  • Continue to work with existing partners rather than create new ones

Our progress

  • €30,000 donated to Mon Bonnet Rose (a charity supplying chemo caps to women undergoing cancer treatment) on the occasion of Pink October 2020, through the sale of raspberry macarons
  • We support Cékedubonheur. The chair of the organisation is Hélène Sy and patrons include Valérie Damidot, Leïla Bakhti and Omar Sy.   The organisation is dedicated to bringing a little joy and magic to the daily life of children in hospital in France.  The aim is to recreate social bonds for children, some of whom are hospitalized for a long time.  At PAUL we support Cékedubonheur by providing meals for people visiting the children, or by providing Galettes des Rois for festive snacks
  • During the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, our teams regularly delivered breakfasts and lunches to the healthcare workers at around twenty hospitals and retirement homes, especially in Paris, Lille and Mulhouse. As we had supplies of hand sanitizing gels and disposable gowns at the start of the health crisis, we also donated several pallets of these materials to hospitals
  • We support Restaurants du Coeur in France, a charity that distributes food packages and hot meals to those in need. In addition to donating products, for several years we have supported the Enfoirés annual concerts to raise funds for the charity.  By donating meals, we help reduce the cost of these events.