Supporting food aid organisations

Supporting food aid organisations

Our belief


Our mission at PAUL is to create moments of sharing around healthy, good quality, enjoyable products.  Sharing these good times also means thinking of those who need limited or regular food aid, by supporting appropriate charities.

Our initiatives

  • Establish both local and national partnerships with organisations who collect unsold products from our stores
  • Make donations to food banks
  • Support some organisations in other ways, such as the donation of a vehicle, or providing meals for fundraising events

Our goal

  • Set up partnerships to collect unsold products from as many PAUL stores as possible

Our progress

  • 19 tonnes of food donated to charities and food banks in 2019
  • We support Secours Populaire Français, a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and exclusion in France and throughout the world. We started out with a local partnership in the Limoges region, and have expanded this gradually to national level for the collection of unsold food from our stores at the end of the day.  We also partner with them for some of their events, such as the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt.  This brought together 15,000 people including 5,000 children, and raised €36,000 for the Paris branch of Secours Populaire Français. 
  • We support Restaurants du Coeur in France, a charity that distributes food packages and hot meals to those in need. In addition to donating products, for several years we have supported the Enfoirés annual concerts to raise funds for the charity.  By donating meals, we help reduce the cost of these events.