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PAUL create their own wheat supply network: French and sustainably sourced

20 September 2021
PAUL create their own wheat supply network:  French and sustainably sourced

At PAUL, we have always focused on choosing the best quality raw materials, especially the flour we use for baking – it’s the main guarantee of the quality of our breads.  For decades we have been using only French flour to make our bread.

The creation of our own PAUL Wheat Supply Network is the culmination of the approach we have taken over the years, demonstrating our attachment to French ‘soils’ and our support for responsible farming. 


100% French wheat flours for all our breads

Flanders, Alsace, Beauce, Pays de la Loire, Picardy, Normandy, Occitanie – we are faithful to the flours produced in our beautiful regions, as much for the quality of the local soil as for the know-how of our farmers.  What’s more, the proximity between fields, mills and bakeries reduces our transport carbon footprint.

Respect for best farming practices

What does this mean in terms of concrete actions?  The network commits to limiting the impact of its crops on the environment; to adapting fertilizers and treatments, to the regulation of watering and to local action to preserve bio-diversity.

No treatment of wheat with insecticides after harvest

That means neither by our partner farmers during growth period nor after harvest.  Banning these insecticides from use in storage considerably reduces the risk of residues in the flours.