Limiting the use of additives

Limiting the use of additives

Our belief

As people seek out the most natural products available, they are increasingly concerned about the elimination of food additives. At PAUL we take these expectations into account, rigorously defining the risk-free additives that can be used, and reformulating our recipes to reduce, as much as we possibly can, the use of additives in our products, whilst retaining their flavour and healthy qualities.

Our initiatives

  • Remove artificial colours
  • Use no artificial sweeteners
  • Use no artificial flavour enhancers
  • Eliminate controversial additives
  • Reject the use of controversial technologies (GMOs, ionization, animal cloning)
  • Eliminate trans fatty acids from the process of partial fat hydrogenation

Our goals

  • To eliminate the use of artificial colours in our raw materials completely by 2022
  • To phase out unpopular additives from all our raw materials completely by 2024

Our progress

  • No artificial sweeteners present in our finished products
  • 97% of our products contain no artificial colours, notably in our macarons and mini macarons – their colours are 100% natural
  • None of our raw materials contain palm or palm kernel oil, including the chocolate-hazelnut spread on our pancakes!
  • Our viennoiseries are made with only pure butter - no margarine, palm oil or partially hydrogenated fats
  • There are no GMOs in our products (no ingredients containing declarable GMOs according to EU regulation 1829/2003)