Focus on French products

Focus on French products

Focus on French products

Our belief

We’re proud to stand up for the French Art de Vivre all over the world, not only through our traditional French recipes, but also by working with numerous French producers, breeders and farmers. Through our purchasing policies, we are already helping to develop best practice in terms of both the environment and animal welfare in France itself, as well as supporting farmers to undertake the long-term changes that are required. Still on the subject of the Art de Vivre, we are happy to share our love of French products, especially through the French cheeses that we promote beyond our borders.

Our initiatives

  • Source our flours only from French supply chains and farmers who respect good farming practice and use no insecticides post-harvest
  • Reduce the impact of travel by promoting proximity between farmers and producers wherever possible
  • Create permanent or seasonal recipes based on cheeses with the designation ‘Appellation d’Origine Protégée’ – or Protected Designation of Origin.

Our goals

  • Put our PAUL Wheat Supply Chain in place, with only French farmers who adhere to responsible farming practices, by the end of 2021
  • Source only chickens that comply with the Better Chicken Commitment by 2026



Our progress

  • 100% of our bakers’ flour (white, brown or wholewheat) is French. And it almost always has been.
  • Strengthened partnership with 7 French millers and dozens of farmers in the PAUL Wheat Supply Chain in many regions: Beauce, Aquitaine, Flanders, Picardy, Pays de la Loire etc.
  • Comté AOP and Fourme d’Ambert AOP cheeses and others are included regularly in our menus.